2021 - 2022 Executive Council

Dr. Louis Karras, Immediate Past President; Dr. Logan Bell, Treasurer; Dr. Mary Um, Secretary; Dr. Timothy Rogers, Vice President; Dr. Vladana Babcic, Program Chair; Dr. Richard Pasiewicz, Dinner Chair; Secretary and Dr. Larry Farsakian, President. After the group picture was taken, Dr. Mary Um moved out of state and Dr. Marcella Leonard was sworn in as the new Secretary.

President Dr. Larry Farsakian (right) presents a plaque of appreciation to our Immediate Past President Dr. Louis Karras for his contributions to the Coolidge Club. 

Coolidge Club Officers:

President: Dr. Larry Farsakian
Vice President: Dr. Timothy Rogers
Treasurer: Dr. Logan Bell
Program Chair: Dr. Vladana Babcic
Dinner Chair: Dr. Richard Pasiewicz
Secretary: Dr. Marcella Leonard
Past President: Dr. Louis Karras

Coolidge Club Committees:

Membership Chair: Dr. Timothy Rogers
Off-Shore Meetings: Dr. Timothy Rogers
Coolidge Fund: Dr. Larry Farsakian
Historian: Dr. Donald Miller