2019 - 2020 Executive Council

The Edgar D. Coolidge Endodontic Study Club’s new officers for the 2019-2020 year are (left to right): Dr. Richard Pasiewicz, Dinner Chair; Dr. Logan Bell, Program Chair; Dr. Timothy Rogers, Treasurer; Dr. Larry Farsakian, Secretary; Dr. Louis Karras, Vice President; Dr. Matthew Davis, President; Dr. Richard Munaretto, Immediate Past President.

President Dr. Matthew Davis (right) presents a plaque of appreciation to our Immediate Past President Dr. Richard Munaretto for his contributions to the Coolidge Club.

Coolidge Club Officers:

President: Dr. Matthew Davis
Vice President: Dr. Louis Karras   
Secretary: Dr. Larry Farsakian
Treasurer: Dr. Timothy Rogers
Program Chair: Dr. Logan Bell
Dinner Chair: Dr. Richard Pasiewicz
Past President:Dr. Richard Munaretto

Coolidge Club Committees:

Membership Chair: Dr. Louis Karras
Coolidge Fund: Dr. Richard Munaretto
Off-Shore Meetings: Dr. Louis Karras
Historian: Dr. Don Miller