Established in 1961, the Coolidge Club is one of the oldest active endodontic study clubs in the world. Named in honor of Edgar D. Coolidge, a visionary and pioneer in the field of dentistry and preeminent spokesman for Endodontics; Dr. Coolidge encouraged those practicing Endodontics to:

"...inform themselves more and more about the nature of the tissues that we are called upon to treat"...and to "understand what provision nature has made to protect itself and to repair its injuries. We must take up the task of assisting nature by removal of obstacles that hinder or prevent her own mechanism of healing.”

Participation in our Endodontic study club answers Dr. Coolidge's call by supporting continued growth and learning in our field of practice. As a member of the Coolidge Club, you're annually invited to five continuing education dinner meetings along with an all-day seminar featuring prominent national and/or international speakers.

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