About The Coolidge Club

The Coolidge Club, established in 1961, has a robust and active membership and strives to honor its heritage by supporting research and professional growth in the field of endodontics. From amongst our membership there have been four American Association of Endodontists (AAE) Presidents, nine Directors of the American Board of Endodontics and numerous AAE District Directors and committee members. Some of our members are known on both national and international lecture circuits, are frequently authors of publications, as well as, authors and contributors of a variety of prominent texts for endodontic study.

We believe our collectively coming together as a club and sharing our knowledge and practical application ultimately betters the study and facilitation of endodontic practice. Our study club was founded and flourishes on this very premise. To support ongoing continuing education efforts, if you have case studies, presentations or nuggets of endodontic knowledge to share, please do so.

To submit your materials:

Simply email endodontic materials to dam.endo@comcast.net for posting to The Coolidge Club Knowledge Center resource area of the Members site.

Please note – Accepted file types for materials include Word documents, Powerpoint presentations and PDF files. Files to be uploaded or submitted by email cannot exceed 4MB in size.